High School

There are more than 2,500 private schools in the UK educating children from all over the world, and like universities there is an informal ranking system for the schools based largely on the A level results that students achieve and the universities that students gain places at. As a consequence, many of the leading schools have very competitive entrance requirements with huge demand for a very limited number of places, therefore the schools can be very selective and will take the highest achievers they can.


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There are boarding schools and international tutorial colleges for different applicants to choose:

  • Boarding school

    Boarding schools have a long standing history of academic education and attract more and more international students. These schools have traditions and strict rules as well as beautiful and inspiring boarding environments. Generally they provide GCSE and A-level courses to assist students in preparing for the top universities.

  • Tutorial College

    Tutorial colleges are especially designed for international students. They provide more freedom but expect more independent learning from the students. The good things about tutorial colleges are that: there is no age limit; they usually have small classes and students can choose from school accommodation or homestay. Tutorial colleges provide GCSE, AS-level and A-level, pathway and foundation courses.

    The main differences between Private High Schools and Tutorial Colleges in the UK are:

      Private High School Tutorial College
    Features Focus on discipline and training: Students need to wear uniforms, have evening tutorials and go to bed at a certain hour every day. Not focus on discipline: Student needn't wear uniforms and should complete their assignments by themselves.
    Students resource 80% - 90% students are British 90% of students are overseas students
    Class student # Class student numbers are usually more than 20 Small classes, usually less than 10
    Entry requirement More strict entry requirements: age and English proficiency limit Flexible entry requirement: no age and English proficiency limit
    Study Requirement Focus on physical and spiritual development Few focus on physical and spiritual development
    Accommodation requirement Students need to stay in the hall of residence Students can choose the hall of residence or homestay
    Examples Bromsgrove School
    Monkton Combe School
    Sidcot School
    Bellerbys College
    Stafford House
    Cambridge Tutors College

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