Research Degrees

The UK is famous for its research led universities, many of which have produced groundbreaking discoveries such as DNA and gravity, amongst others! There are several different types of research degree and they normally take 3 or 4 years to complete:

  • Traditional PhD (pure research)

    Compared to general PhD courses in other countries, a PhD degree at the UK doesn't include taught courses. It focuses on pure research (research training) and takes at least 3 years to complete. It can be longer depending on your research area and how difficult it is to collect data. The normal stages to go through will be a literature review of current thinking in the research area, conducting the research, analyzing the results and writing up the results. The hardest part about applying for a PhD in the UK is that you need to find a suitable supervisor. Your UKEAS counselor can help you with this daunting task! Remember, PhD's in the UK are famous because the research must be unique, which means that upon the award of a PhD in the UK, you are a world expert on that subject!

  • New Route PhD

    The new route PhD started in 2001 and includes research, taught courses and professional skills training. It is uncertain how long a traditional PhD will take as mentioned above but it is certain that the New Route PhD takes 4 years to complete. The New Route PhD is also a fast pathway as university graduates (or equivalent degree holders) can get a PhD degree through an integrated course in four years. Master's degree students can expand and develop professional and a wide range of other skills.

  • Part time PhD research

    Under some circumstances, students can do a part time PhD research course. Students have to finish the first stage of the research course and then may go back to their home country to collect the data. Later they return to the UK to analyze the data and write the doctoral thesis under their supervisor's advice. They also need to find a professor to help them in their home country.

  • Professional Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA

    A Professional Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA, is different from a PhD in Business Administration. They both require good academic and research performance but the DBA mainly focuses on the practical application of management theory and hopes to develop managers with research practice ability. A PhD in Business Administration by contrast, focuses on academic teaching and research and hopes to develop scholars with teaching and research potential. The DBA is suitable for people with years of managerial experience who want to obtain a higher degree and then continue their business life.

  • Professional Doctorate in Education, EdD

    The Professional Doctorate in Education provides experienced people in the education field the opportunity to examine related issues and achieve a doctoral degree. In that sense it is similar to the DBA.

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