UK Weather

The UK enjoys an island climate so the temperature is generally mild year round.

Britain's weather is strongly influenced by the seas around it. Fortunately this means winters are usually not too cold. It also means that summers are usually not very hot as well. The west coast is generally warmer and more humid than the east coast because of the loop current from the Gulf of Mexico. As you move north so the temperatures can get a little cooler but the difference is minor and should not influence you unduly in choosing where to study. Although the UK rarely gets very hot, bear in mind that when it does, there is very little air conditioning around so you do want to take some cool clothing.

By contrast, in winter everywhere is heated so you will want to wear layers of clothing so that when you go out you can remain warm, but can remove some layers to be comfortable in doors. A light jacket is useful in summer too as temperatures can get cool in the evenings. Below you can see average temperatures for summer and winter in the UK.