UK Life

The UK is a highly developed modern industrial country so as you would expect it has a number of transport options. For most students transport will mean public transport as taxis can be very costly. Public transportation is convenient and with various discounts available to students can be inexpensive. Many students also purchase bicycles, which is an even cheaper and healthier way to get around. Many cities have bike paths for cyclists. Please note though that you have to wear a helmet and must also have a good lock for your bike as theft is not uncommon. Below please find some more information and links about the UK's transport networks.

  • Buses and Coaches

    Buses operate in all cities and coaches are frequent between all the major urban areas. Buses can be a cheap and easy way to get around once you have worked out the routes and the institution you are studying at will be able to provide more information on that. Coaches such as National Express are often the cheapest way to move between cities and tickets and times can be found online. 16-26 year old young adults can apply for a Young Person Coach Card to get a 30% discount and non-British citizens can also apply for a BritXplorer Card for 7/14/28 days.

    National Express:

  • Train

    The easiest and quickest way to travel between cities in the UK is to take a train. As long as you plan your trip in advance and book the ticket early, you can save a lot of money on train transportation. The following are useful websites:

    If you are a student of 16-25 years old, you can apply for 16-25 Railcard to get up to a 33% discount off the cost of a train ticket when using it during non-rush hour times. This usually means after 9:30am. If you are over 26 years old, you will need to apply with your full-time student card. The card costs £26 per year. Please apply at the railway station with your school offer or student certificate, passport, photo and £26.

    Please visit the website for details:

  • Flying

    Flying from or in the UK has become much cheaper in recent years due to the increase in no frills airlines. Many people can now afford to take a cheap flight to Europe even for a weekend away. We suggest you search for prices 2 to 3 months before your intended departure as the ticket gets more expensive when the departure date is near.

    Please visit the websites for details:

  • London Underground

    The most convenient transportation in London is the London Underground, also known as the Tube. If you are studying in London then you should definitely buy an Oyster Card. This gives you discounted travel at all times on the tube. If you are visiting London for a few days only then look for special discounts such as one day travel cards, etc.

    Please visit the website for details: