Fun in the UK

The United Kingdom is a well-developed country for tourism. Information Centres are everywhere and provide simple maps, transportation information, tourist sites, accommodation booking services, etc.

Apart from well known destinations such as Cambridge, Oxford, the Highlands of Scotland, Edinburgh, Wales and Lake District, you can also find plenty of museums and country houses dotted all over the UK that are free or charge a nominal sum. Don't forget the musicals and theatre especially in London and to really get to know the British, visit a pub or take in some of the famous night life. There is always something to do in the UK!

  • Pubs

    Pubs are at the heart of British culture. Many people go to the pub for a quiet social drink with friends. You don't need to drink alcohol to go to the pub, and you certainly don't need to get drunk. Whether it is a quiet country pub, or busier ones in towns and cities, visiting a pub is a great way to get to know the UK and its people.

  • Night Clubs

    The UK has a vibrant and dynamic club scene. You will find any style of music you want, and will be able to spend as much or as little money as you want! There are many underground places where you can check out up and coming DJs, or you can see the biggest names on the international club scene.

  • Live Music

    Live music in the UK is the best in the world. New bands and the biggest name bands from all over the world will be playing regularly, just take your pick! As the UK is easy to travel around, it is easy for you to get to see all the bands that you want.

  • Music Festivals

    Festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading are world famous and an amazing place to see a huge variety of bands and other performances over a long weekend.

  • Shopping

    Britain is famous for its shops, whether you are after brand names or bargains, you will be able to find it in the UK. You can find great deals at certain times of year, such as the January Sales, and you will be amazed at the huge variety of shopping destinations.

  • Shows and Musicals

    The shows and musicals that the UK has to offer can rival any in the world. There is a huge variety of productions available to you, the hardest thing will be choosing which one to go to!

  • Historical Britain

    With a long and rich history, Britain has so many attractions to offer that it is impossible for you to visit them all. Country houses, castles, Roman ruins, palaces and more are found all around the UK. They are usually very reasonably priced, and joining an organisation such as the National Trust will allow you to visit many attractions for free.

  • Galleries and Museums

    Places like the Tate Modern and the British Museum are both renowned around the world and free for you to visit. The UK also has a wealth of other galleries and museums ready to make your stay a rewarding cultural experience.

  • Restaurants

    There is a huge variety of restaurants available in the UK, offering food at an equally huge variety of prices. Curry is the most common food that people eat at restaurants, but you can easily find good food from all over the world. Remember though that eating at restaurants in the UK will be more expensive than you are used to in your home country.

  • Trips around the UK

    There are so many things to do around the UK that it is important you take the time to explore this fascinating country. Great transport links and cheap Bed&Breakfasts mean that weekend trips are cheap to do and easy to organise. Stay in touch with your classmates and other students you meet in UKEAS, they may be staying in a city you would like to visit!

  • Trips around Europe

    The UK is only a short flight away from France, Spain, Italy and many other beautiful European countries. Cheap airlines like easyjet and Ryan Air, as well as cheap hostel accommodation make weekend trips to Europe an exciting part of your time in the UK.

  • The Great Outdoors

    Many parts of the UK have breathtaking scenery that is both free to enjoy and easy to get to. More adventurous people can take their own equipment and go hiking for several days, others can take a gentle stroll along a well marked footpath.

  • Sports

    Football, rugby, tennis, cricket, squash, badminton, snooker and pool were all invented in the UK. British people love sport, and you will be able to take part in, or go and see the games you like, when you like. Universities offer good chances for you to join sporting teams, and this is a great way to meet people.