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Destination UK: 5 Haunted Places


If you love ghost stories and hauntings, United Kingdom is one country to visit as it is known for its old castles and haunted dwellings. Here are 5 haunted attractions in the United Kingdom:

  1. Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire

The castle is most famous as the place of imprisonment and of death of Mary, Queen of Scots, and was one of the great centres of power until in 1647, the Parliament ordered the castle to be destroyed. However, it wasn’t completely destroyed.

The castle is believed to be haunted by numerous ghosts.  The most famous is Mary, Queen of Scots.  In 2004, dressed in a full white Elizabethan gown, 40 men saw her standing at the top of the South Tower looking down at them. The men laughed and thought that it was just a staff member pulling a show but they were profoundly disturbed later on when they found out nobody on staff has a white gown.

The other ghosts were the White Lady, who is often seen around the North Tower; Ellie, the little girl of 7 years old who is often been felt in the King’s Bedroom where according to reports of people, she pulls fingers, removes rings and causes an electric pulse in the arm; the Little Boy who is seen sitting on the stairs of the Great Hall; and blue lights moving around some of the rooms and sometimes, people.

  1. Fyvie Castle, near Turiff, Aberdeenshire

The castle was built around the 13th century by William the Lion and at present is open to the public for its architecture, art collection and family history.

The castle is home to the Grey Lady, who is believed to be the ghost of Lady Meldrum who was believed to be buried in the walls of a secret room in the Meldrum Tower and has been seen around the castle after her remains were found; the Green lady,  thought to be Dane Lilias Drummond , who roams the corridors of the castle and leaves behind a scent of Rose petals in her wake ; and the Phantom Trumpeter,  who is believed to be Andrew Lammie who died of a broken heart, whose sounds of trumpet can be heard throughout the castle.

  1. EileanDonan Castle, Dornie, Scottish Highlands

The castle is famous for its appearance in many films like Highlander and is home to two ghosts – a Spanish soldier, who has been seen in the gift shop holding his head underneath his arm; and Lady Mary who appears often times in one of the bedrooms in the castle.

  1. Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland

It is one of the most important castles in Scottish history and a place where many Kings and Queens have been crowned including Mary, Queen of Scots.  Some of the spirits reported here were the Highland ghost, who was often mistaken for a tour guide by the guests only to be surprised that when they approach it, the ghost vanishes in front of them; the Green Lady, who is believed to be a servant to Mary Queen of Scots and died while saving the queen, and has been seen around the castle; and the Pink lady, suggested to be the Queen of Scots, who has been seen walking from the castle to the nearby Church of the Holyrood.

  1. Dover Castle Ghosts, Kent

The castle is best known for its role in WWII and its ‘secret’ underground command centre. The battlements are said to be haunted by the headless ghost of a drummer boy who was murdered and has been seen across the castle grounds banging his drum; an apparition of a woman wearing a red dress; a cavalier and World War II soldiers.  Disembodied voices during the night and loud screams, doors opening and closing on their own and unexplained drops in temperature has also been reported.