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"Behind the Brochures" is a series brought to you to give further insight into specific universities and what they might offer beyond the ordinary. Romina Puno, our Education Outreach Coordinator, kicked off our series by giving us a glimpse of the University of Lincoln, which she visited in March 2017.

At the University of Lincoln, the satisfaction of students comes first. Located right above London, it is about 2.5 hours away from London via train and about 3 hours if you go by car.  

Lincoln City as a “university town” is a great place to be in because it simply means that the university is part of the town, so everything is within a walking distance. The hotel Romina was staying at was right in front of the campus, and each department had its own building. The Student Union building where the bars and canteen are located is at the heart of the campus. The international office and library is also seen with it. The only building far from the university is the Department of Agri- Technology, where a student will have to take a free bus ride to the campus, which is equivalent to a 15 minute drive from the city. The space is really beautiful and massive because you’re literally inside a 20-acre land to learn about agri technology.

Being a town known for more its historical tours, she was quite surprised that the university vibe was very modern. The buildings are a mix of modern and historical design. For example, the library was actually an old warehouse before, but they turned it into a modern library. Students were very active, and the campus itself had a lot of new facilities. Also, the teachers were vibrant, and the whole ambiance and environment was great. It’s very conducive for learning because you don’t get too distracted by the city life in London, and at the same time you still get to go out at night and enjoy bars and restaurants around town. She said that it felt like when she studied in UPLB where the environment was conducive for learning because it had a student community feel, there weren’t a lot of malls or city lights to distract you, but there was enough activities to entertain you.

The thing that really sparked her interest with the university was the professors. She recalled that when she was doing her undergraduate degree, the professors weren’t as active as the ones that she met in Lincoln. She mentioned, “You could hear how genuine they were in their crafts and they were very passionate about teaching their course.” What also caught her attention was their curriculum. Most of their programs, if not all, follow the practice + theoretical approach. So when you take an undergraduate degree with Lincoln in your first year, you are already learning hands-on experiences: utilizing the machines for engineering students, doing laboratory works for life sciences course, doing commercials for film students and a lot more. It’s not only about doing lectures, but actually applying these techniques in real life situations. She was able to see each of the Colleges facilities.

For film and media, they had enough rooms and all of the equipment needed to do a live Ellen Show. For engineering, the University of Lincoln has actual gas turbines and facilities that we only get to see in textbooks. For life sciences, they have one building just for laboratories and their research machines. Their group actually had to go out at one point during the tour because they were not allowed to enter that specific section of the labs as they might get exposed to the live bacteria and virus they had in the area. The Pharmacy room had pharmacy counters where they can actually live and experience being a pharmacist in a store. There are a lot of other facilities that she visited and quite possibly a lot more in the future as there were several buildings being built for the university.

She found in her visit a real gem for a university-- with affordable tuition fees, excellent facilities, and an environment conducive for university life, she found that the University of Lincoln is definitely a great choice for the achiever student. Its great curriculum and teaching approaches, paired with a great support system, will surely motivate and encourage one to choose a university life that is truly worth it.

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