When studying at a language school, most students will stay in what is known as a homestay. This means that you will live in a British family home, and have an opportunity to learn more about British culture and also have ample opportunity to practise your language skills.

Many British families enjoy hosting overseas students because it gives them a chance to learn about your culture too. It is the best choice for students wanting to make rapid progress with their English. Your UKEAS counselor will advise on homestay options and once a course is booked, will be able to help you choose a suitable family and give you more information on distance from the school, facilities available, etc.

Another option at some language schools is a student residence. These are not as common, but provide an opportunity for more independent living. This suits some students but does mean that you miss out on some of the cultural aspects of living with a host family. It can also be more difficult to settle in initially but does suit older, more mature students. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and your counselor will help you understand better the options available to you.

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